How to Feel More Confident in Private Lessons

Dog trainers often come to me for help with their private lessons. Commonly, a dog trainer will say,  “I have this client coming in in a few days, Their dog is (name the behavior problem of choice), I know the owner needs more foundation, but I’m not totally sure what to do next.” Have youContinue reading “How to Feel More Confident in Private Lessons”

The Home Page Hack

There is one thing thousands of dog trainers have in common: They do not like sales and marketing. The good news is that all of us, even those who work alone, have at our fingertips a salesperson who has the potential to be highly effective. That salesperson is your website.  The bad news is thatContinue reading “The Home Page Hack”

How to 10X Your Board & Train Success Rate

Here’s the scenario: You had a dog in your board and train for 4 weeks. Today’s the day for the go-home lesson with the family. The dog has been spot-on, hitting every command for you, and you are feeling great. Then the time comes for you to have the owner give it a try. They say, “Come!”……..nothing, “Place”……crickets….

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