Tyler Muto, a Rochester, NY native, is an internationally renowned dog trainer, entrepreneur, and advisor, who has had a life long passion for training dogs. Upon moving to Buffalo, NY in 2007, he began researching the local dog training facilities, looking for a place to apply his knowledge and skills, and was instantly dissatisfied with the services available to dog owners in the area. With few resources, and with no local connections, Tyler decided to start his first company, K9 Connection, and offer a behavioral service that was previously unavailable in the Buffalo region.

By 2011, Tyler’s expertise and innovation in the dog training world had begun to attract national and international attention. He decided to open the K9 Connection Dog Training Center in Downtown Buffalo, where he still serves as training director, supervising multiple full time trainers. The facility has now expanded to offer dog daycare and grooming as well.

In 2013 Tyler was picked by the Buffalo District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration to receive an award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Later in 2013, Tyler was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Canine Professionals, and was almost instantly promoted to fill a seat as the organization’s Vice President, the youngest ever to be granted this honor. In September 2016 Tyler was unanimously elected to serve as the organization’s President, again the youngest person to ever hold the office. In 2020, no longer serving on the Board of directors, Tyler was inducted onto the Canine Professionals Hall of fame, again the youngest person ever to be inducted.

Today, dog owners from all over the United States and Canada bring their pets to Tyler’s team at K9 Connection for training, and professional trainers travel from all corners of the world to learn from Tyler and refine their skills and business practices. Tyler’s passion for training, along with his ability to help families and dogs achieve harmony, is unparalleled, and has earned him recognition as not only one of the best in Western New York, but one of the most sought after trainers throughout the world.

After expanding his family with two beautiful children, Tyler turned his focus to creating a platform where he could continue to help shape the future of the dog training industry, without having to travel and be away from his family. To this end, Tyler founded Consider The Dog, an online platform that brings together top professionals in the realm of dog behavior to provide educational video and a membership community.

In 2018, Tyler began directing his attention and study toward the financial markets. What’s  began as a hobby has turned into another of Tyler’s passionate pursuits. After severals years of closely studying market structure and short term trading strategies, in 2020 Tyler began working with a programmer to build an algorithm to auto-trade the the Futures markets. In 2021, Tyler Founded DPM Trading, and educational community where he can help others find financial success through trading.

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