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In 2018 I launched my online video platform called Consider The Dog. Here I share my wisdom on living harmoniously with dogs. Some of the content is free, and some you have to pay for. All of my most up to date content is hosted here.

The great thing about this site is that there is content available from other top behavior specialists in the industry as well. Our membership program is hands down the best deal in dog training.

You can see all of my content at This Link


I have worked with Leerburg Dog Training DVD’s and Equipment to produce online courses to address common dog training and behavior issues.


Obedience & Behavior Foundations

This course is designed to allow a dog and handler to develop all the skills they need to have a solid foundation of obedience and to prepare them for off-leash work or resolving problem behaviors. The course covers in detail the five basic commands that all dogs should know: come, sit, down, heel, and place (go to your dog bed). Giving simple, easy to follow exercises for the general pet owner, as well as in depth theory and advanced concepts for the enthusiast or professional. Beyond simply teaching the dog commands, Obedience Foundations uses traditional commands as a framework for teaching handlers the fundamental skills concepts they will need to succeed in any endeavor with a particular focus on the use of obedience for resolving behavior problems. Packed with over 150 videos, including all the content form Tyler’s Loose Leash Walking course, this course offers a tremendous value to those wanting to learn the secrets of Tyler’s Internationally renowned success.

Tyler starts with a reward based foundation, then progresses through leash pressure conditioning and proofing techniques for each of the commands. Click the link below to sign up for Obedience Foundations with Tyler Muto and gain all the skills you need for lasting success!

Interactive Course:
Obedience and Behavior Foundations
Self Study:
Obedience and Behavior Foundations Part 1


Leash Reactivity

Tyler Just finished filming his first course on Leash Reactivity, which will address the common problem of dogs lunging, barking, and biting at the end of their leash. Click the link below to be taken to the course page on

Leash Reactivity With Tyler Muto

Loose Leash Walking

This self-study course will walk students through all the steps necessary to teach their dog to walk at their side on a loose leash. In this course I show a systematic, and easy way to teach any dog to walk on leash. I avoid shortcuts and quick fixes, instead beginning with a reward based foundation before conditioning dogs to leash pressure, covering handler mechanics, proofing exercises, and even tips for integrating the remote collar into your walks. I am really happy with the finished product of this course and we decided to launch it at price that was really affordable, only $55!! The price may go up in the future, so click below to enroll now!

Loose Leash Walking

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