Case Study: Gaining confidence with difficult cases

Sanne came to me after she had moved to New Zealand and built a successful dog training business, focusing on group classes, private lessons and walk-and-train.

Although she was seeing success, after watching many of my videos on Consider The Dog, she had begun to realize that was, as she called it, a “band-aid” trainer, mostly giving solutions that involved heavy management. She had already begun restructuring her programs to be able to offer deeper solution based on the things she had already learned from Consider The Dog, however she still found herself turning away some of the more difficult aggression cases.

During our initial time together over the course of six Zoom sessions, Sanne was able to develop a much deeper understanding of the principles involved with working serious behavior  cases, and was able to overcome some of her own limiting beliefs that were holding her back.

A few months later Sanne hired me again to have me help her with a pretty serious reactive GSD case. In the course of a 3-week in home board and train style program, Sanne and I met twice weekly reviewing her training with the dog, and setting plans for the next steps. At the end of three weeks, the end result was not only a completely changed dog, but also a new-found confidence in her own abilities to train at a very high level. Sanne is now equipt to handle behavior cases at a level likely exceeds any other trainer in her area.

Below you can read what Sanne had to say after our first set of sessions together, and also see a video of Leo the GSD that Sanne put together after his training. Many of the clips in the video came directly from the videos that Sanne was sending to me weekly so we could work the case together from different sides of the globe:

“Coaching with Tyler has been the best investment in my business and myself as a dog trainer. Sessions were enlightening and stretched my thinking making me explore new concepts, methods and try out new techniques.

I have grown a ton in my training skills, being able to explain things better to client and feel more confident in myself and am able to look at certain training issues from a different perspective and offer more solutions to a problem as I now have more tools in my toolbox .

My small business is now thriving, even during covid times, after discussing different business models and the importance of valuing your services accordingly.

I look forward to working with Tyler again in the future, it’s been the best experience! Thank you!”

-Sanne Vermeulen

Case Study: Group Class Overhaul:

Anna Marie came to me with some frustration and feelings of overwhelm. Her business had grown rapidly of a two year span, but she was having trouble knowing where to focus her attention. Her main concern was that she was using a model of training that was from one of her early mentors, and she no longer felt that it reflected her own unique personality and skills. Particularly in her group classes, she felt that she could be accomplishing much more and offering her customers a better experience.

Together we completely deconstructed her group class model and re-built it into a program that is fun, efficient, and tailored to her clients specific needs and goals. The result is better results, more referrals, and better client follow-through. Here is what Anna Marie had to say:

Tyler Muto is easy to work with and highly insightful. With his help, we were able to address ways to optimize workflow in my quickly growing business. These changes resulted in more time for my family and all around better work/life balance. With Tyler’s guidance, we were also able to strategically adjust my group class format to focus on the skills a family dog needs to live peacefully in the home. This makes for a more cohesive, logical class and more value to my clients. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again!”

– Anna Marie at Instinct Canine Training

Case Study: From Confusion to Clarity:

Andrew contacted me to seek clarity. He had a great background and professional experience, but he had received so much conflicting information from various influencers in the dog world, that he was finding himself confused and constantly second guessing his work. Andrew had many good techniques that he had stopped using due to conflicting input from the professional training community.

Together we focused on identifying the core principles that tied together the various training “styles” he had learned. We also zeroed in on Andrew’s strengths and the elements of training that made him unique and led to his success. The end result was that Andrew was able to tap back into some of his own techniques, and still reap the benefits of his education by taking the common threads that worked for him and discarding the fluff. The goal was to keep Andrew’s training style unique to his personality, while also giving him the ability to have clarity and confidence when learning from others and implementing new ideas. Here’s what Andrew had to say:

“Tyler is a marvel in our industry. Spending a lot of time completing his online courses was one thing, but to get to work with him one to one was a complete game changer. Not only did he help restore a lot of faith in my abilities, he brought a whole new way of looking at how we rehabilitate dogs. Tyler is one of a kind, who I’m honored to have in my corner for the rest of my career”

-Andrew Lang CEO Paws in Nature

Case Study: Getting Past a Plateau…

Victoria had built a stable business but was feeling like her results were somewhat incomplete. Here were her concerns in her own words:

“My business has been going well, and I feel I’m making an impact, but I struggle to progress after a certain point. Particularly with shy and aggressive dogs. I can get people started and they make great progress, but I feel they aren’t getting the final results I’m hoping to achieve. I also don’t necessarily have a good understanding of if the progression I’m seeing in my client’s dogs is normal, slow, etc. I’d love to have some outside perspective to help me build plans more completely and understand the arc of behavioral adjustment better. I’d like to be able to give clients a clearer understanding of how much they can expect to change, and how long it will truly take them.”

Together we focused on developing efficient training techniques that would address the root causes of behavior. We also look at overall her programs to ensure that the sessions were structured to maximize results in the most effective way possible. Here is what Victoria had to say after our first set of sessions. She has continued to return as a repeat client to continue to develop herself as a professional. Repeat business is my greatest compliment:

“I worked with Tyler for a few months last year and the work we did together has made me a better trainer, hands down. Now, I train with more direction, more purpose and more efficiently. Tyler made recommendations that broadened my approach to training plans so that I address issues from all angles. I now understand more about how we can use every small part of a dog’s life to affect change in a specific area. Our discussions about approaches and tactics have allowed me to be a much more creative and flexible trainer. Thanks Tyler!”

-Victoria Alexander

I’ve been training dogs professionally for over 15 years and what Tyler has taught me has proven invaluable.  Doing zoom calls gives me the opportunity to go over the videos I’ve sent to Tyler and break down not only the dog’s behaviours but also my handling skills and approaches to training.  I also subscribe to the Consider the Dog app and have learned so much through all the incredible content offered.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Tyler.  Dog training has always been a passion of mine and I feel to be the best dog trainer I must always stay open to learning. Tyler doesn’t try to train you to be like him. He truly guides you on a path to find yourself.   If you are looking to evolve your dog training even further do not hesitate to reach out to Tyler.  I promise it will be the best decision you’ve made on your dog training journey!

-Renee Mauro

I brought Jamie back home last night and had an incredible session with his owners! They really understand leash pressure after they started the Follow me/Yield to me exercise, and had him walking like a feather. Jamie is much more connected to them on-leash, and the can totally see the difference. I learned so much–Tyler you are truly gifted and it was an honor learning from you. Thanks to all of the other attendees–it was a joy to meet you, learn from watching you, and enjoy your work with your dogs. I hope to see you all again in the future.
Tori Smith (After Tyler’s Dogmanship Through Feel seminar in Gainesville, FL August 2013)

As a veterinarian, I certainly respect and thrive on scientific reports and studies…. .  I’d already contacted two behaviorists and had only seen worsening in Jesse’s aggression over the past few years…. . I went to Tyler Muto with my dog Jesse Mae as a last resort. If he were unable to help me control her dog aggression, I would have to euthanize her…. My dogs both attended boot camp,  Now three months after the initial visit, I cannot thank Tyler Muto and his staff enough for their help with my girls. Leila’s less fearful. Both Jesse and Leila attend socialization classes regularly, and no longer show the terrifying reactivity they had previously…” Read the whole thing here: Dr. Erik Testimonial
-Dr. Ashly Eric DVM

I think you would be hard pressed to find many people better than Tyler in the country. I have watched a ton of his footage and his training is spot on. 
– Dan Audet, Modern K9– Ruth Buchholz

One of my clients from the small group class I teach. They have never been able to get him to “down” on command, and using a variety of techniques that always work I couldn’t even get him to down. Within 15 minutes using the technique we learned on the weekend Charlie now “downs” on command! I thought the owners were going to start jumping up and down with excitement but they contained themselves so as to not overly excite him and have him pop back up! All thanks to Tyler Muto.
– Katherine Vooys McDonald, Canines In Balance

If you have not trained with Tyler Muto, get on it. Dude is amazing…
– Ted Efthymiadis, Unleashed Potential Dog Training (After the October 2013 Conversational Leash Work Seminar in Barrie Ontario

All thanks to you Tyler Muto, I am going to bed a better trainer and human being thanks to day one of your workshop. This past weekend was a game changer!
– Brandon Steen, The Dog Squad (After October 2013 Conversational Leash Work Seminar in Barrie, Ontario)

Thank you Tyler, I meant to say that earlier. It was very helpful to watch you work Monty & I realized how I move way too fast with him. You also confirmed a lot of things I was thinking about but double guessed myself.Excellent workshop!
– Jennifer Saven, Back To Basics Dog Training (After November 2013 Dog Aggression Seminar in Mansfield, Ohio)

Hey Tyler!

I wanted to share with you how much I enjoy attending your workshops and admire what you do.  Each and every time I see you, I am blown away by the passion and dedication you have for sharing your craft AND helping us, as the attendees, have the most rewarding and educational experience possible.  Your talent is beyond words, and your ability to teach is superb.  You are a wealth of knowledge and service for your clients, attendees, students, and our dogs–I highly recommend your workshops to everyone–trainers and my clients included!  They are game changing, and I look forward to attending more!  It is such a pleasure to watch and learn from you–thank you!
– Victoria Smith, Take The Lead K9 Training, Orlando FL (After April 2014 Dogmanship Through Feel Seminar in Gainesville, FL)

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