Coaching and Consulting

I have a unique understanding of the struggles and challenges of the Canine Industry. As you continuously strive to grow your skills, grow your business, and create the lifestyle that you love, it is vital to ensure you are focusing your energy where it matters most, so you can continue to feel inspired in your work and have the greatest impact on those you serve.

My job is to find solutions that help you reach your full potential by staying true to your vision and values. By partnering with me as your coach, you can gain tools, knowledge, and skills to help you thrive in all aspects of your business and life. You can build a more robust, more efficient, and more resilient business which in turn leads to less stress, more joy, and more time to focus on the things you care about.

I’m not here to create clones of myself. You came to this industry because you believe that you have something unique to offer. I believe that this industry thrives on diversity, progressive thinking, and innovation. My strategy is to help you develop those skills while staying true to magical things that make you uniquely you.

  • Coaching and Consulting for Professional Dog Trainers
    • Over several sessions, we will fine-tune your strategies for handling different types of cases, as well as any aspects of your business that you are looking to improve upon. Areas where I can help:
      • Developing and mastering training concepts and techniques
      • Developing and refining training programs and packages
      • Accelerating Growth
      • Marketing efficiently without spending a fortune.
      • Hiring and Managing Employees
      • Automating Processes
      • Facility Expansion
      • Developing business policies and procedures
      • Creating business plans and projections
      • Dealing with burnout and the struggles of Entrepreneurship
    • Every situation is different. We will determine together what we will focus on.
    • These sessions are for professional trainers only.
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