Coaching and Consulting

In 2017 I made the decision to no longer conduct seminars and shadow programs.

Now after nearly 5 years, due to the number of requests I receive, I have decided to offer virtual 1 on 1 coaching on a very limited basis.

If interested, please fill out my contact form. I will reach out to you to see if coaching with me is going to be a good fit. I will only accept clients if I feel that I can confidently offer value and help you achieve your goals.

I can provide coaching and consulting in the following areas:

  • Coaching and Consulting for Professional Dog Trainers
    • Over several sessions we will fine tune your strategies for handling different types of cases, as well as any aspects of your business that you are looking to improve upon
    • Every situation is different, we will determine together what we will focus on.
    • These sessions are for professional trainers only, I do not offer private consultations for dog owners.

  • Coaching for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
    • Over the past 10 years I have established and grown multiple business that have developed to the degree that they can operate smoothly in my absence. Areas where I can help:
      • Accelerating Growth
      • Marketing efficiently without spending a fortune.
      • Hiring and Managing Employees
      • Automating Processes
      • Dealing with burnout and the struggles of Entrepreneurship

  • Coaching for Trading The Financial Markets
    • Over the past 4 years I have obsessively studied the financial markets and the trading of equities, options, futures and commodities. I have not only studied effective strategies for retail traders, but I have also developed custom indicators and even automated algorithmic trading systems. Whether you are just getting started in trading the markets, or are just a little stuck and looking to over come a plateau, I can help to simplify you efforts, create a strategy that works for you and your personality, manage your risk, and get on the path to profitability.

To Inquire about Coaching or Consulting, Please fill out the Contact Form