“Loving” A Dog To Death – Guest Blog

This post was written by my friend and fellow dog training Ted Efthymiadis. The original can be seen by clicking here “Loving” A Dog To Death I’m seeing a disturbing trend in the pet dog world. Something I never thought I would see. I truly wish I did not have to write this blog post. Unfortunately I canContinue reading ““Loving” A Dog To Death – Guest Blog”

Lessons In Dogmanship From The World Of Real Estate

“My husband always wanted them to feel comfortable in their home,” the woman on the phone told me, “so they have no rules, they basically run the house.” This came right after she told me that of her two dogs, one is fearful of virtually everything, and has bitten visitors to the property, and bothContinue reading “Lessons In Dogmanship From The World Of Real Estate”

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