Shadow Program


If you are a professional who is looking to hone your craft then my Shadow Program may be exactly what you are looking for. I have developed a program that I am very proud of.

I have spent many years developing not only dog training technique, but also a clear and logical way of communicating and teaching to the client. During the shadow you will have an opportunity to be hands on with our board and train program, as well as observe multiple private lessons and group sessions. There will also be ample time to review the business end of things if that is something that interests you.

The program is somewhat customizable and can be tailored to you interests. Throughout the days at K9 Connection myself and my team of 5 trainers will be working with board and train dogs, and conducting various private sessions and group classes. Students are able to choose where they wish to spend their time to gan the most out of their stay with us.

There will also be plenty of time work with me on your individual training questions and goals, and to learn the secrets behind my internationally renowned success.

Shadows run for five days. The fee for five days is $2000. I accept 5 students at a time and sessions tend to fill up fast.

A list of nearby hotel accommodations can be found here.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, or to schedule your stay please email our office at

Upcoming Dates:

June 17-21 2019
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What people are saying:

“I’ve been a dog trainer for over 6 years. Never have I had my eyes opened as much as I have in the last 7 days working with Tyler Muto and the staff at K9 Connection. I’ve been shadowing these guys for 10 hours a day working with all types and personalities of dogs for a week and learned more then ever. I’ve learned the science and the natural way dogs learn and how to guide them to make the right choice, how to have happy, willing, fun, driven dogs with whatever tool on. Slip lead, prong collar, e collar, treat, no treat….. Doesn’t matter! Happy, understanding dogs that want to listen, who enjoy listening…. That’s what it is all about, or should be! I don’t need to force them to listen anymore. So excited for this change and to work my own dogs and incorporate all this into every dog and owner I touch. Check them out if you haven’t. I was stuck and unmotivated in my being a “dog trainer!” Now I’m fired up again to help build relationships between dogs and people that last. Even tho it was tough and a lot to take in and a LOT for me to change, it makes perfect sense to me and soon will be the natural way for me to work dogs.
Thanks guys!! I hope to see you often and to be a trainer who always striving for a better, softer way to work dogs. You’ve changed everything!!!”
-Malaika Venegoni, Dog Gone Amazing, Reno NV

“I started my business in 1999, so have been at this for many moons. But, when it comes to competitions I am very well schooled. When it comes to pet dogs, I learned on my own. I get from A to Z but I have created my own wheel, so to speak, so I chose to shadow Tyler Muto and see how he does it.

I have to tell you, my money could not have been better spent. I saw things I’ve let go that I need to bring back. I got new ideas. I saw how their programs and classes and business are structured, and maybe most importantly, I got to measure the quality of my results against others. And just being around like-minded people got me even more inspired about the wonderful work that we all get to do each and every day.

So if any of you are struggling with burn-out, need new ideas, or need validation, give up a week of your life, and go see how someone else does it.

Thanks Tyler Muto for a great week. You went above and beyond.”
-Monique Anslee, The Naughty Dogge, Victoria BC

“In February of 2015, I made the trek up to the great white north – Buffalo! Although I am originally form there, the main purpose this time was to shadow one of the most reputable names in the K9 world, Tyler Muto at K9 Connection. I was not quite sure what to expect before my first day. My wife and I have been working with dogs for quite a while however, we are new to the professional K9 world. Tyler Muto could not have been more accommodating. Besides making me feel at home, they not only validated some of of the methods we were already using, but made me reconsider some of the other things I was doing. The hands on experience at K9 connection was invaluable but almost as invaluable as well was the discussion. If you are looking to expand your knowledge base in dog training and behavior modification, I highly recommend Tyler and all the good folks at K9 connection.”
– Lenny Zannin, Breakthrough K9 Training, Richmond VA