In 2019 I will be launching the Tyler Muto School of Canine Behavior. The Muto School of Canine Behavior is a dog training school with a strong focus in behavioral rehabilitation and specializing in helping humans and dogs live and work in harmony.


Puppy Course (5 days)

This course will cover all the essential information necessary to manage and raise healthy, well-adjusted Puppies. The curriculum will include: Health and preparing for veterinary care, managing behavior, introduction to play, preparing the puppy to be an active learner, crate training, potty training, handling techniques and more.

Fundamentals (5 days)

In the fundamentals course we will cover a variety of topics and hands on skills to ensure that students have a solid foundation in animal learning, cognition and behavior. The curriculum will include: Understanding the mind of a dog, developing drives and motivation, understanding individual differences and how to adjust your training, learning theory foundations, ethology foundations, introduction to inter-canine play, shaping behavior, understanding and using innate pressure (social and spacial), understanding stress, exercise and mental enrichment.

Mechanical Pressure (5 days)

Here we will be introducing the basics of using a variety of leashes and training collars to modify behavior. The curriculum will include: Understanding leash pressure as both communication and motivation, the proper use of prong collars, the proper use of head halters, long line work.

Mastering the Electronic Collar (5 days)

Students will learn the details of using the electronic collar in a way that is humane, fair to the animal, and consistent with the science of learning. The curriculum will include: Advanced concepts in negative reinforcement, the effective use of punishment, how to select an electronic collar, condition the dog to the equipment, escape conditioning, avoidance conditioning, using the electronic collar to eliminate unwanted behaviors, the dangers of training with electronic collars and how to avoid them.

Advanced Behavior Modification (5 days)

This course will cover holistic strategies to manage and resolve a variety of common behavioral problems. The curriculum will include: Lifestyle and it’s effects on behavior, understanding differential reinforcement, assessing the causes of behavior, advanced socialization (socializing difficult dogs), managing human aggression, dog aggression, leash reactivity, separation anxiety and more…